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When to Cut my Tree's in Las Vegas

Knowing and understanding the cycles of when and when not to cut your tree's in Las Vegas is important. Just like living things your plants, tree's, & yard must be maintained, although it is far less than your bi-weekly haircut. The tree's in your yard must be trimmed and pruned between 1-2 times per year. We have put together the time of year and types of tree that requires trimming during specific months and seasons. As always it is best to seek out a professional tree service that is licensed and insured to avoid any mishaps with the tree, home, and/or people.


This is the time to trim your fruit trees and roses and to spray them down with horticultural oil and a copper-based fungicide in order to mitigate pests and disease later in the season. January is also a great time to get these types of tree of plants, planted in order to get roots well established before the hotter months.


The time to trim back shrubs and evergreen trees. Clean up those interior and crossing branches to create the desired shape of the tree. Be sure to fertilize your leafy trees, shrubs, and vines with fertilizer that has nitrogen in it to ensure green growth.


In May it is a good time to start fertilizing those Palm Tree's and once a month there after until September as Palm tree's love the summer heat. The summer months are also a great time to get those Palms trimmed.


Fall is best to get those deciduous trees and shrubs in desert climates which allow them to develop nice strong roots during the winter. One last feeding of your shrubs and fruit trees is also suggested.

Be sure to consult a professional tree service before attempting to plant, trim, or remove any tree's in your yard or business.

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