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The Importance of Hiring a Professional Tree Service

Updated: May 21, 2019

We can not stress this enough the importance of hiring a professionally licensed and insured tree company is critical for multiple reasons. It is more complex than just watching a video on Youtube because you must not only understand the tree and how it grows but also the liabilities that come into play if there happens to be an accident while trimming your own tree’s without the proper licensing and insurance.

Let’s say you grab a ladder out of your garage, climb on up with your chainsaw, begin cutting a limb of the tree that just so happens to break and fall through your roof or even worse your neighbor's roof, yikes! I am pretty certain that will not go over well with your insurance company and they likely will tell you that you are S.O.L., look we get it everyone is trying to do all they can to save money and cut their expenses. Look at cutting your own tree’s the same as driving while drunk, you might get off lucky with not damaging yourself or anyone else but the price to pay will not be pretty, so do yourself the favor and reach out to a professional tree service to ensure the proper safety and insurances are in place to keep you, your home, the tree, and the surrounding areas safe.

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